Festival Group


What is the Chatsworth Road Festival?  Since 2011 the Chatsworth Road Festival celebrates life on and around Chatsworth Road, Chesterfield by bringing local businesses, community groups, residents, schools and churches together, through interesting and entertaining events. It is an opportunity to meet new people, visit new places, try new things and buy new things – in the hope of creating a stronger community spirit.

Who runs it? There is a small group of volunteers who steer the festival (new faces always welcome -and needed). Basically the group co-ordinate, encourage and support people who would like to take part as often people want to participate but need help with ideas. We try to offer suggestions and connect like-minded people.

The Festival group doesn’t stage events but acts as a co-ordinating group and produces the Festival guide.

How do I get involved? Once you have decided to participate, we need your details and a registration form ( download here Chatsworth Road Festival 2016 v4).

  • If you are a business it will allow you to let people know about your services or products, especially if you can tailor an event to fit around them.
  • If you are a voluntary group it allows you to tell the community about your activities and special interests.
  • If you are a school or church the festival is a great opportunity to link in with local businesses and showcase your work in the community.
  • If you have a talent or special interest let us all know about it and organise an event.

Will it cost me anything to be part of the Festival? S40local sponsor the festival and advertise it through the magazine. Paul and the S40 team produce the festival guide which goes out in early September. We provided official posters and free guides to you but as we start each year with a budget of nil, we ask for a donation of £10 with your registration.

We have a website (www.chatsworthroadfestival.co.uk), a Twitter account (@chatsrdfestival), and a Facebook page (Chatsworth Road Festival).

What should I do if I want to stage an event? Once you’ve decided what you want to do then email: chatsworthroadfestival@gmail.com. You’ll need to fill in a simple event form ( Chatsworth Road Festival 2016 v4)and that’s it – you’re part of the Festival.


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